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BioSeal, Mokena, IL

BioSeal, Chicago IL


Black Hawk Paving uses BioSeal which is an ecofriendly, quick-drying pavement preserver that is dye and petroleum free. It dries completely in 20 to 30 minutes and since it’s a clear product, no stripping is required. BioSeal penetrates up to 1/2” and seals pavement oils to reduce aging effects and oxidation periods.

The product has such a minor effect on the friction value of your pavement that no sand treatments are required. Black Hawk’s low application costs make typical pavement maintenance procedures unnecessary and reduce your pavement’s aging by 50% over a five year period.

Eco Friendly
The industries only earth friendly pavement preserver. Dye & petroleum free. 

Rapid dry Time
Dries completely in 20-30 Mins, Since product is clear, no stripping is required.

Pavement flexibility
Penetrates up to 1/2 “ and seal pavement oils, which reduces aging effects and oxidation period.

No Sand Treatments
Bioseal affects the friction values so little, no sand treatments are required.

Cost Savings
Low application costs, retards the pavement maintenance procedure and reduces aging by 50% over a 5 year period.

Water Proofs
Providing a water proof barrier to asphalt, Bioseal reduces snow and ice efforts.

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