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Milling & Grinding, Mokena, IL

Milling & Grinding

Black Hawk Paving’s cold milling machines are suited for the mechanical removal of deteriorated asphalt pavements for parking lot rehabilitations. Not only can we remove asphalt concrete quickly and effectively but our contractors can control the depth at which it is removed with the cold milling process. The milled asphalt, known as RAP (recycled asphalt pavement), is usually stockpiled prior to being reused in varying percentages of hot mix asphalt mixes for base, surface, or friction courses.

The material also can be used in parking lot bases, parking lot fill and even for bike and pedestrian paths in many applications. Bumps, ruts, and other surface irregularities are removed, leaving a uniform textured surface. 

The benefits of Black Hawk’s cold milling include:

  • Improved pavement profiles and cross sections
  • Restored drainage flow and curb reveal
  • Textured surface for skid control and improved bonding
  • Minimal traffic interruption
  • Reclaimed material for future use, and lower maintenance costs
  • And more…
Black Hawk Paving, Mokena, IL

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