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Paving & Patching, Mokena, IL

Paving & Patching

A large part of Black Hawk Paving’s business involves the regular maintenance required for all roadways and parking lots. Patching and paving are required every 3 to 5 years for most paved surfaces.

Once problem spots have been properly repaired to attain a suitable structural support for your parking lot’s vehicle traffic, a new pavement surface can, and often should, be laid over the existing pavement surface. A new pavement overlay will allow the installation contractor to control the water flow over the parking lot thereby minimizing future water related pavement problems. The existing pavement surface should be swept clean and have a tack coat applied to bond the new pavement surface to the old one.

If the old pavement surface contains several cracks, a crack retardant fabric should be placed between the old and new pavement surfaces. Without the crack retardant fabric the cracks will be quickly reflected from the old pavement surface into the new pavement surface. Not only would the visual appearance be less than acceptable to you, water would now have quick access to the subsurface again. Crack retardant fabric will not prevent all types of cracking including reflection cracking, but it will greatly diminish them and decrease their rate of occurrence. 

Black Hawk Paving, Mokena, IL


The following technique applies for the majority of the problems described in this section including potholes. The only difference for potholes is that instead of cutting the edges, you need them cleaned up vertically to remove all loose material from the edge. If your parking lot’s problems are of sufficient magnitude and appearance is valued, you should consider having a new pavement surface laid over the repaired pavement areas. Drainage performance will be superior on a new, smooth overlay.

Spot repair is advised when the areas needing repair total less than 15% of the overall parking lot. If the entire parking lot suffers from structural under design or significantly poor installation, you may need to consider replacement of the base and pavement surface. If more than 15% of the pavement area requires repair, you may need to consider replacement of the pavement surface combined with spot repair of the base.

For maximum longevity, the edges of the deteriorated pavement areas should be cut with a saw to ensure the crack left by the patch minimizes water penetration. Once the patch perimeter has been marked and cut, all loose asphalt and debris should be removed down to a solid base. All dust should be swept out and blown out of the hole. Tack oil should be applied and bituminous asphalt material installed in two inch lifts to ensure proper compaction (slightly convex to avoid ponding).Primer- tack material should be applied around the edge of the patch to protect from moisture intrusion.

A roller or compaction plate should be used to compact the edges first before proceeding with proper compaction techniques to correct density.

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