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Crack sealing & routing Mokena, IL

Hot Crack Sealing & Routing

Crack Sealing

Black Hawk Paving’s crack sealing is performed to prevent water from further damaging your asphalt. Sealing buys you time and saves you money by delaying the expense of major reconstructive pavement work. Water is the most destructive element for asphalt concrete.

Filling or sealing pavement cracks to prevent water from entering the base and sub base will extend your pavement’s life by three to five years. The polymeric hot-applied sealant is intended to fill the cracks and keep water out of your pavement. When water is kept out, pavement deterioration is slowed. 

Crack Routing

For us to provide proper crack routing services, your asphalt's cracks must be free of dirt, dust, and debris. The sealant must have a clean, dry bonding surface. Surface preparation can be accomplished with compressed air and a simple blowpipe. Studies have shown there is a roughly 40% greater chance of sealant success if cracks are routed prior to sealing. Cutting a reservoir above the crack allows adequate sealant expansion and contraction. The reservoir also ensures that the proper amount of sealant penetrates the crack.

To create a reservoir, an operator passes the pavement cutter or router over the crack and makes a uniform, rectangular shaped cut in the crack. Modern routers can follow even the most random pavement cracks. Once the rout is complete, simply use compressed air (hot or cold) to remove the dust created by the router. Engine-powered steel wire brushes can also be used to clean routed and non-routed cracks. Older, aged asphalt pavements and thin asphalt pavements may not be suitable for routing.

Note: Cracks that are routed prior to sealing last up to three times longer than cracks that were not routed.

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